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Small cleaning package

Small cleaning package

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Trying to start cleaning? This package offers deep cleansing and nutritional support. This package helps to expel toxins, opens up the elimination channels and activates the natural cleansing of the cells. Bile flow is increased, which helps the liver remove toxins, and pancreatic enzymes are stimulated, which alkalize the gut. Alkaline herbs remove mucus, neutralize acids, cleanse toxins, reduce inflammation and improve digestion. The cleansing process allows the body to absorb more nutrients and direct the immune system to restore cells. Detoxifying the organs and providing intensive nutrition increases their ability to keep your body clean. Purifying the blood and supplying minerals and oxygen is mentally refreshing and physically energizing with long-lasting effects.

Contains three (3) products:

  • Chelation
  • Green food
  • Lymph cleansing

Please note that a strict Alkaline Diet is required for maximum effectiveness, otherwise you will neutralize its effects or get only minimal benefits. See our nutrition guide .